Divinity614 Voting

Step 1

Voting for the server not only benefits us, but also yourself by offering great rewards!
The difference between this voting system and our previous one is that we now ONLY grant rewards based on the sites you actually vote at.
For Example: Voting at ONLY Runelocus will grant 1 vote tickets where as voting on all of them will grant 5 vote tickets.
This system no longer rewards you vote points, instead it rewards you with vote tickets which must be exchanged ingame for vote points using (::exchange).
Another change is that we are offering rewards besides vote tickets. We currently have 6 rewards but in the future we will be offering additional rewards such as Summoning charms, logs, herbs etc.
Vote Tickets are tradable, however you must have a MINIMUM of 50 kills!
For your first reward of the day you receive X2 your reward (This ONLY applies to cash and vote tickets!).
1 Vote Ticket = 1 Vote Point
Mystery boxes have been added! YOU MUST VOTE ON ALL SITES TO BE ELIGIBLE!